"Larisa & PJ designed a customized program for my 7-year-old daughter based on an evaluation which revealed opportunities for improvement. They kept the emphasis of each lesson on fun and progress while addressing core issues such as volume of voice and confidence. My daughter quickly understood that developing these cornerstone elements would help her not only with singing, but in her everyday interactions, both now and in future. The enthusiasm and encouraging attitude of both instructors is fantastic. I would happily recommend Vocal School of Vaughan for anyone looking to improve their vocal skills, and develop their love of music." - Jenn Stein


"I had a good experience at Vocal School of Vaughan. The atmosphere was inviting and the coaches were very knowledgable." - Robert Wang


"Special thank you to PJ for being very patient and very positive!! He helped my daughter broke through the shyness as she learned to be more comfortable with her singing. Keep up the good work!" - Natalie Bronchyk


"Dear Larisa and PJ:
I wanted to take this opportunity to send you a note of appreciation and thanks.
We are delighted to be a part of the Vocal School of Vaughan and Sophia is absolutely ecstatic to have PJ as her vocal coach.
Although we have only been with the school for a short time, I must tell you that it has been enlightening to finally find the right place!  For the past three years Sophia has been with other schools and our experience was not giving us the professional and proper technique instruction, suited for a child her age.
This to me is by far the most  important aspect of vocal lessons so that she is able to develop in an appropriate way.  This will allow her to have a proper foundation, one that she will appreciate when she is older and allow her reach her goals. Thank you for you assistance in preparing Sophia for her first stage performance this Spring. It is with your experience that we have the upmost confidence her instruction will be best Vaughan has to offer and look forward to many more years ahead! Kindest Regards, Antonella"


"My daughter Prisha LOVES her teachers PJ and Larisa. It has been amazing watching her in the class. She used to be very shy and low in confidence, but now she is singing and getting the confidence. She gets VERY excited when she realizes its music school day. Larisa and PJ are not only excellent teachers, but also extremely kind and compassionate.. I think this is the best music class in the city." Anjana


"Larisa and PJ are wonderful vocal teachers for my 5 year old daughter. They are not only kind, caring and very patient, but they truly inspire their students to enjoy learning and to love music. Their teaching style is the perfect balance of friendly and encouraging, yet very professional with an emphasis on progress. I would highly recommend Larisa and PJ to any student!" - Shannon


"My daughter was above the moon after we left the class.  She was very proud of herself and her achievements.  I am thankful to you PJ for your patience and embracing her talent.   I am also thankful to you Larissa for accommodating me with the schedule and always responding to my emails.  I wish you both tremendous amount of success and I wish you all the best this holiday season! I look forward to 2015. Cheers, Lina"


"I worked with PJ at the Vocal School of Vaughan in order to minimize my accent. PJ is very personable and fun to work with.  In addition to being pleasant to work with, PJ really has the skills of assessing what the issue is with the accent and is excellent at teaching the necessary tools to pronounce words properly. I was very impressed with the results and feel much more confident in conversation and I feel better understood by others.

I am really glad that I had the opportunity to work with PJ and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a specialist in English pronunciation. Vitali"


"Before my daughter started singing lessons at Vocal school of Vaughan, she was not quite sure of herself. It seems to me that the great attitude of her teacher PJ changed her attitude towards herself. For the first time, I see that she is gradually becoming much more serious and mature. She has something that she likes, and she feels that she is good in it. I'm grateful to PJ for providing her with important tips and for his patience. Rimma."


"I would like to begin with stating how much this program has improved my confidence in myself and my ever-growing abilities. It's an environment I've grown accustomed to, very friendly and easy-going, which in turn only increases the hope I carry with me to start a career in the music industry. In addition, I find the choice of song(s) in every lesson very enjoyable to sing! Some of them aren't typically what I listen to, but after spending numerous lessons singing these songs, they've definitely broadened my taste in music and artistry. Saturdays have become a day I truly look forward to because I know I'll be working towards my goal, and there isn't any greater feeling than productivity. I look forward to many more experiences! Lilian"


"Vocal School of Vaughan has been an inspiring and inspirational experience for our daughter Brianna.   Her Vocal Coach P.J. has an addictive energy that’s passed onto the kids that helps them get over fears and builds confidence levels.   Results are shown on weekly basis due to the respect and hard work in believing in each student. Daniela"


"I am very happy with the vocal lessons my son Leo takes at Vocal School of Vaughan. Leo always returns home energetic and confident in his success. Besides singing, these lessons allow him to learn proper intonation and melodicism of the English language. My son is becoming more of an artist, musically and otherwise. The lessons are easy going, interesting and fun. Vocal School of Vaughan is a successful combination of education and leisure. Elena"