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Larisa Dykhtan


Larisa’s first experience on stage was at the age of five, when she performed as a soloist for a national choir in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. 

As a child Larisa won numerous prizes for her vocal performance and participation in children's shows. She studied piano and theory at a music school in Russia (former USSR). These early experiences shaped her life-long passion for singing and music.  

In 1996 at the age of 16 she decided to take her vocal skills to the next level. She continued her music and vocal education in Russia, recorded her first demo and continued to sing as a hobby until 2002 when she was offered an opportunity to perform at the opening ceremony of CNE in Toronto.

 Since 2002, Larisa has worked with various local bands, recorded numerous lead and back up tracks for DJs and bands and continued to win numerous vocal competitions and prizes. 

Current Career:
Since 2005 Larisa has been working as a singer in a professional cover band doing weddings, corporate events and other private functions. 

Larisa founded Vocal School of Vaughan in 2013 with PJ Bahramian and built it from the ground up to one of the best Vocal Schools in the City with hundreds of happy and successful students!

As an experienced vocal Coach, mentor and an inspiration to her students, Larisa helps individuals of all ages and levels, understand and improve the singing voice.

 “Over the years, I have done extensive research on the human voice, vocal mechanics, speech mechanics and let me tell you. The human voice is just so amazing. So fascinating.


I am more interested in the science aspect of singing, to be honest, and what keeps my passion going is the fact that we are all so different and our voices are all different, even though they function the same way.


Every student I have is hardly ever like another. Each is so unique. And I love to be able to bring out this individuality out of them even more, and watch it grow and develop into something that we did not even know was possible”

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Larisa Dykhtan - Vocal Demo Tracks

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